What does it take to get go.roku.com/connectivity on track?

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Go.roku.com/connectivity - What does it take to get go.roku.com/connectivity on track? 

Connectivity problems in go.roku.com/connectivity can occur for a variety of reasons like halting media playback and even impairing the Roku's performance. 

To begin with – Go.roku.com/connectivity 

The first step in the troubleshooting process is to see if your Roku is connected to the internet, and if so, what signal quality or signal strength you have.

• To test the connection, use the Check Connection tool. Off to the right, you should be able to see the details of the about page. The connection type, IP and mac addresses, signal strength, wireless channel, and download rates can all be found here. You are not connected to the internet if this information is not available or populated. If you don't have internet access, skip to the next step.

• If you're connected to the internet according to the About page but still have problems, try using the Check Connection tool. To begin the test, scroll down to Check Connection and click OK. A pop-up window will open, displaying the status of your network connection, internet connection, and internet signal or speed.

If you're connected and the speedsare appropriate, try streaming media to see if the problem has been resolved. 

The Crux of the go.roku.com/connectivity process :

If the tests or the connection tool did not assist, you can try reconnecting your Roku. 

Here’s how you can do it: 

 • To access the side menu, press Left on your go.roku.com/connectivity remote from the home screen. Then go to Settings by scrolling down.

• To access Settings, press Right on the remote, then Right again to access Network. To return to the Network page, press Right one more time.

• Then, scroll down to select go.roku.com/connectivity Setup connection and press Wireless.

• A wireless scan for adjacent networks will be performed by the system. When it's finished, you'll get a list of neighboring networks. In the list, look for your network and click OK.

• Fill in your WiFi network's password, then scroll down to Connect and push OK on the remote. The system will connect if your password is accurate.

• The connection will be established successfully. The menu will vanish, and the required information will now appear on the About page.

If the connection fails or you still can't connect, you'llneed to attempt some other troubleshooting techniques.  

Device Restart –Go.roku.com/connectivity 


Rebooting Roku devices, like many other electronics, can occasionally help fix a variety of issues. 

Here’s how to restart your go.roku.com/connectivity device: 

• To access the side menu, press Left on the remote from the home screen. Then go to Settings by scrolling down.

• To access the Settings menu, press Right on the go.roku.com/connectivity remote and scroll down to System. To focus on the System menu, press Right.

• Then, select the System Restart option and press OK on your remote.

• Now, wait for your Roku system to restart

You know what? You might want to speak with our Roku Support agent right now! 

Dial @ +1-888-708-3332 or find us on Roku.com/link

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